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This is my problem, there is no benefit in this compared to any other option. This is very expensive, long and it is not really useful. At least that's what I thought.
To quote Kryten: You are quite right sir! As usual. ... How could i made such and elementary misstake? As usual?

No, but honestly ...
You are right, i should have write: "because you believe it would be more profitable" ... since none of our characters can forsee how profitable would any action actualy be. smile

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Larian has changed something, now in a dialogue with Mintara she says that the Absolute has blessed you and you are "transform" you can accept the transformation or reject it. I don't see what it gives, but maybe in the future it will give new abilities??? A new power? Then the path of evil makes sense. I've never seen this cutscene before. I don't know if it's patch 4 or if it's because I killed druids myself before goblins came. But now, in theory, you have a benefit in the form of "power", but you need to understand how risky it is. The very word "transformation" is frightening.
Nah, i certainly seen the same in previous patches ... just not sure wich one it was. :-/
I presumed it was just some of her zealous blubeling. :-/

But now, when you mentions it ...
We are able to use only one tadpole-mind trick per long rest ... but in Wylls conversation with Spike, there are two uses in the row, funny enough, if you pass the first chance, you never get the second one ... so either its overlook, or its meant to be failed ...
Maybe we get option to use Tadpole-mind trick more often? O_o
Have you checked your character sheet? Especialy passive features?

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Even if it's "profitable," it still looks silly, as does accepting hallmarking. It also annoys me that I have to kill goblins later. Why should they be mad about this situation? I really don't understand.
You dont "have to" ... as long as you avoid their camp. :-/
And i dont think they are "mad" at all ... they simply have their orders, and same as those twins you meet near owlbear cave, those orders says to kill anyone and everyone who was on that Nautiloid.

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!