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I didn't think about it, maybe I'll check it today. =0
Certainly let us know how that ended! :3

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Yea but I mean why? Because my party say, "the goblins will be furious when they find out what happened." And what exactly happened?
I didnt get my evil play since patch 3 yet, so im not familiar with in what situation they say it. :-/

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Minthara wanted to betray us and take all glory for herself, I understand that, but apparently other leaders didn't like Minthara very much anyway, so I can't make out connection... Unless Absolut ordered them all to kill me, but that doesn't explain. We're just being confronted with the fact that now the goblins want to kill us, too.
Well ... i can only speculate here, since none of that was specificly "told" so far ...
And to be completely honest i just hope it will never be. :-/ Since i kinda like this hints that you need to connect yourself.

I dont think Absolute ordered to kill "you" specificly ...
More like she knows that proces of your tadpoling was unfinished, and therefore you are threat ... either to herself personaly, or to her plan since you (as far as it seem) are the only one (six so far, including companions? :D) who even knows about what is happening.
And therefore she give order to kill everyone who survived that crash.
Now to specific reactions:
- Twins try to kill you, once you reveal you are their target, they are merely soldiers who follows their duty.
- Gut tryed to outsmart and use you for her personal benefits, partialy disobeyed the Absolute ... kinda brave for her ... but on the other hand, once that Mind flayer will hatch, you will exist nomore ... so, you will be technicaly dead anyway.
- Ragzlin imediatly try to kill you, since (honestly) he just seem to be more muscles, than brain ... and this is just the way he is dealing with problems.
- And Minthara? Oh, that is entirely different story. She is loayal to the Absolute, so she plan to kill you since the begining, but she is also cunning and insidious ... so she decided to use you first with her attack. Either you will die during the attack and her mission will be completed, or you will be wounded and her mission will be easier ... after that she even slept with you, to exhaust you even more. She basicaly is in win/win position this whole time. laugh

Personaly i simply believe that Minthara send to goblin camp message, or maybe told everyone that if you return, the Absolute ordered them to kill you.
It would be maybe clearer if she would tell "i was ordered to kill you here" instead of "as far as they know, you were suppose to die today". :-/ But in the end, there is little diference. smile

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!