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Should we propose ideas to reduce mouse clicks & drags?

We could have:
An input to group all & ungroup all [F]
An input to portrait/character click a group together [alt + click] the portraits you want to group/ungroup
(This would only group/ungroup who was clicked on while alt was held down, so you can have 2 groups of 2 or 1 group of 3)
(Alt is nice to use because it is currently there to show the worlds tooltips, so that won't create a conflict with grouping/ungrouping)

The chain/unchain animation could play out after the clicks, or pressing the F key.

To supplement my thoughts here. I've always viewed the chain system as something that had visual appeal but was not practical. It did make D:OS 2 stand out, but the lack of practicality does slow down the game here and there.

When I said, "The chain/unchain animation could play out after the clicks," I was implying that I like the visual appeal of chain/unchain. After playing through RPGs over the decades quick and satisfying animations are always something I enjoy seeing in an RPG.

I think it this is something that can make Baldur's Gate 3 more enjoyable from start to finish. The player doesn't need to click and drag to control the chaining and unchaining. Having practical ways to group/ungroup the party, and the chain animations make group/ungrouping cool and stylish, will feel fresh and polished.

For reference of how I derived this proposal, think of Persona 5's combat UI it's very practical and stylish. I love it and I'm sure others who played Persona 5 love that combat UI too. I believe similar design principles can be applied to managing the party in Baldur's Gate 3.