Shadowheart and Wyll don't have their tadpole powers. Rest of group does. Was out adventuring and leveled up. Returned to camp and got the dream that gives the powers. Went to level SH and W the next morning and neither had their special goodies before or after advancing. Have slept multiple times since and gotten subsequent dreamage with no change to them. Both had their morning after dialog indicating they had received powers like everyone else.

There is now a permanent spike growth inside the goblin temple. I was offing the bosses and during the fight with Minthara I cast it in the area where she starts and then shifted forms. She knocked me out of my form in the course of combat and the message that I lost concentration flashed up but the spell remained in force with no concentration from me. Even tried casting another concentration spell but the big field of thorns remains and the timer stopped going down as well. Had to wade through it to loot bodies and such. Last I checked it is still there.

Have had several instances of graphic glitches under this patch where the graphics just go all smeared across the screen and you can't see anything anymore. Have to quit and restart the game to fix. This is using Vulkan on a 1660Ti. Don't think I've seen this prior to the patch. Drivers are up to date.