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I like the video. I think, overall, it is under appreciated how BG1&2 delivers its quest - games can feel chaotic and unpredictable but have this organic feel and still are secretly convenient (aka. You won’t miss anything major). It avoids artificiality of modern design, while not being obtuse as, let’s say Kingmaker.
Well, my most unpredictable moment in BG2 was running into Arkanis Gath, so I can't say I agree. The "game doesn't stop you from doing things" is not quite true, because that was a cheated character wielding an "instakill" weapon.[/quote]
I had to google him. He seems to indeed exist to protect crit path. Not ideal - I think ideally, the guilt should be robust enough to kill you. And if you do manage to overcome the odds, the game should be designed to progress regardless.

I refered to the crit path - Umbra fight isn't something found off the beaten path (like some lich fights), nor is designed to stop your progress - they are on the way. And while the game gives a satisfying option to bypass them, it is also not that hard, so the players should get stuck for long if they want to kill them. That's a "reward for being clever" and "good pacing" balance that few games can achieve.

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Nalia's castle is the only time you can use charm to talk to an NPC, while in BG1 you could find many tidbits of lore by charming people.
Anything substantial I missed? I must say, I never encountered anything of that sort in BG1, but then again, I don't go out of my way to mess with games unless I am pushed toward it.