@Frumpkis, I agree with you about the specific word "evil" in relation to the real world. But @Dexai is correct that we should look at this from the pov of the labels used in the FR setting and lore. And in that (FR setting) context for me, the bottom line is that regardless of whatever label you assign to the current five companions, three of them are automatically out for me based on my FR-context wish to play exclusively good-aligned characters and where my party members should also be mostly good-aligned (though maybe one neutral member would be okay). But absolutely no evil-aligned, so Lae'zel, Astarion, and SH are automatically out (and may even get killed off by me). Furthermore, I also will only be playing this game with a mod that increases party size to six, because for me that also is "standard" for a BG game. And lastly, I refuse to use generic "mercenaries" in a game like this.

So you add up all of the above and what I need is a minimum of FIVE good-aligned companions (or at least 3 good-aligned and 2 neutral-aligned) for this game to be playable for me.