The issue is that squishy characters are being tasked with going to where there enemies are, and not being able to zone the enemy as they logically should. (And if they get within threatened range, they get disadvantage as well).

Of course there are other sources of advantage/disadvantage. But high ground & low ground are very prevalent throughout Baldur's Gate 3.

So yeah, it's not an issue if you have a party of Eldritch Knights. But it is definitely an issue if your party has a Warlock, Wizard, Sorcerer, and Cleric. (Which four friends wanting to play the game together could totally do).

It's anti-fun to have multiple encounters in a row where you realize your best option is to restart the battle and place as many characters as possible on the high ground. It breaks immersion and it's an unnecessary complexity.

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Who cares if a high level wizard sometimes misses? Is that an issue? Are high level wizards always supposed to be able to hit?
It just doesn't make sense for casters to get advantage or disadvantage from changes in elevation. They're focused on their verbal, somatic, or material components, and they're not pulling back on the strings of a bow tensing their body. Casters shouldn't get improved chance to hit or reduced from an elevation change.