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Okay so I tracked down the "bug" I've been talking about. (lots of testing, phew!) turns out you can't move items from one inventory to another if the recipient doesn't have enough strength to pick up the item in the first place. I'm not talking about carry capacity, I mean certain heavy items are too heavy to be picked up at all! but there should probably be a UI message that tells you why you can't move an item between characters, pick it up off the ground or out of a chest. because I just spent the better part of an hour testing things before I worked out what the problem was.

Really annoying that you can't give medium+ armor (within carrying capacity) to my vendor character to sell. I'm fine with strength requirements to equip and limits to how much a character can carry, but, if true, this seems silly. Of course, giving Wyll a little more strength would help. Weird companion stats are not one of the things I'm nostalgic about from the earlier games. laugh

Other bugs:

The volume of Alfira's song was really soft during cutscene of her singing. It was normal as I walked up the path toward her, and sound volume hasn't been an issue in other cutscenes.

Sometimes can't give items to characters who have newly joined the party. Fast travel to another location generally resolves this, but isn't always convenient.

Sometimes I'll open the inventory screen and see only numbers (that I can't interpret) instead of icons. Save and reload seems to resolve the issue, but again can be inconvenient.

After entering the Teahouse, couldn't tell Mayrina that I'd seen her brothers' corpses.

I'm generally crashing more than previously. I have a new PC, but I'd expect more memory/faster processor and a hard drive without numerous bad clusters to help, not hurt.

Clicking on a character portrait doesn't always change the selection. Sometimes it takes a few clicks, and it's easy to do something unintended with another character.

Weapon selection seems a little wonky, changing unexpectedly. It's frustrating to have a character you'd set to use her ranged weapon charge in with her rapier.

Edit: Also, Wizard spells learned from scrolls should be treated as known on the level up screen. The character screen shows them as known (and selectable), but the level up screen prompts me to learn them and won't let me select them as prepared spells.

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