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I don't understand why people don't get this:

Take a goblin, 10 base ac, 14 dex and leather armor. 13 ac in total. The most cookie cutter foe in Act 1 as far as ac goes. You're Joe Bloggs on the xbox. You've built your character right, a race with a bonus to strength. You have a 3 bonus and are using a weapon you are proficient in. This gives you 5 to hit against an ac of 13. This means you will miss the easiest foe well over 1/4 of the time, closer to 1/2. This does not sound like a good start to a mass market big seller. And this is the market Larian obviously hopes to hit, just look at all the percentages instead of numbers to roll. And this is with an optimised character, mind you.
This just doesn't seem like a problem to me. Level 1 means we have little to no experience in what we're doing and the goblins aren't going to stand still for us - we should miss a lot. But monster manual goblins also tend to have very low HP, so when you do hit them, there's a pretty good chance that you going to take them out. Hitting doesn't mean that much if you can do it reliably; but one-shotting goblins early on feels great after a couple of misses! I really hope they restore goblins to something more in line with the monster manual.