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The overall impression I have from those games and how they're handling this one, is that they're very interested in fixing bugs, and they may slightly tone down something here and there where the fix is easy, like eliminating a few of the surface effects resulting from spellcasting. But they probably won't change any fundamental aspects of the design like the party size, the camp rest mechanic, or the use of homebrew departures from 5e rules. Either because it's what they want, or it's already been baked into the cake and it's too late to change.

Yeah I agree. I think for the most part, the base mechanics of this game are baked in and final, maybe some tweaking here and there but I don't see them changing anything major like Party size, or any other major game designs. I think at this stage, they are just interested in crash reports and some issues with Stadia and other items like that. But that is just my opinion on the matter, so who knows what Larian is thinking. They saw that height advantage was needing a tweak and so they tweaked it.