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As someone who has played pretty much every DnD CRPG out there and is also a PnP player all I'm going to say is turn-based, turn-based, and only turn-based is the way to go. RTwP seemed like an annoying accommodation we always had to make to fans of shooter games in order to earn the privilege of playing something resembling real Dungeons and Dragons on the computer. It was not invented by Larian for DoS. Successful implementation of great turn-based combat in DoS by Larian simply qualified Larian uniquely to finally give us what we've always wanted, namely, real Dungeons and Dragons on the computer. Finally. I recently was considering purchasing Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Once I learned it was RTwP I wasn't going to purchase it, but then I found out that turn-based had been implemented and I bought it and had a great time. I can never go back. I realize that others may have different opinions and I respect that, but I couldn't not make my case.

And I respect your preference, because I also reject any RPG that is turn-based as being complete crap that I will not waste my time playing. The only reason I am still engaged with this game is PURELY because it is titled "Balder's Gate," and if I ever did buy this game I would still very harshly criticize it and review it poorly for the TB combat part of it.

XCOM 2 is an awesome turn based RPG, actually its mechanics are better than this game. Personally I would prefer they stay with turn based rather than RTWP. I reserve RTWP for RPGs like Mass Effect, or DA:I. With this games mechanics, I just don't see enjoying it that way.
My point was that boycotting games cuts both ways. People can boycott games because they won't play RTwP games. But I also get to do the same thing by boycotting TB games.