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I think it's simply up to the mods.

Perhaps they don't want this to become a mega thread simply because it's inconvenient, as it asks something from them they don't like? I don't know.

It's like some have said recently; they didn't change too much in EA with their previous games and are perhaps unlikely to change much in this, but ..... I would appreciate it if they at least communicated that! Just something like "we know lots of you want us to be more faithful with the core rules, but we refuse to make changes like that" or something. At least then we'd know.

Their Early Access statement on Steam - ''We use automatic data collection tools to help us better balance the game but we also listen to forum feedback and use that to drive internal debate.''
Doubt they'll ever make their opinions known on this forum or through patch notes, hold your breath for another Reddit AMA so we can go full force and get conclusive answers to all of our questions.

Ahh yeah, good call. I do hope they really listen to forum feedback though! I mean, I think they do to an extent at least. They have made some nice changes, and I do truly think the game is way better now than EA release.