Just had a thought regarding Paladins - I feel like based on the way mechanics have been implemented and the narrative direction of the campaign, I have a feeling that Oath of Devotion and Oath of the Ancients will be the Paladins implemented, while Oath of Vengeance will be left out.

I suspect Oathbreaker may be a dark-horse 3rd subclass for Paladin, maybe even as a NPC only class for a specific companion (only because of in-game books talking about it, and the backgrounds of certain datamined NPCs)

My rationale:

- Vow of Enmity loses quite a bit of value due to easy-advantage in BG3
- Relentless Avenger simply won't work without proper reactions - which BG3 doesn't seem to have right now (and we have no idea if it will be implemented)
- Not sure if we'll get to level 13, but Dimension Door doesn't gel well with BG3's game world set-up in general
- Devotion -> anti-fiend, Ancients -> Druid and Nature - just seem to fit so rightly with the current narrative