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108 different players answered this thread from P1 to P10 (included)
I think I didn't forget anyone. I also include people that just discussed in the thread without giving a strong +1 or -1.

Maybe I'll do it for the other pages... Or not.

- 81 (75%) of them give a feedback that you can't missunderstood : they don't like this system
- 2 (less than 2%) said that they're pretty ok to deal with the system but they have issues with it
- 1 (less than 1%) seems to like it, but honnestly it looks like a troll ("get good")
- 24 (22%) disccussed issues related to this system or give related feedbacks, give suggestions etc...

For what its worth, I agree that the chain mechanics is clunky as hell and should be refined, so should the entire grouping mechanics be simplified. But as for party size, I disagree. Who knows, maybe they will change it. I wouldn't hold my breath though with Larian's history.

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