A new feedback data point, a new voice saying that the party controls are dreadful. Shocking !

Gassygunslinger, I would have suggested you to go add a "+1, really bad system, frustrating" in the mega-thread for this topic. I doubt that the existence of that thread will will change anything, but hey. I was thinking, if Larian runs a sentiment analysis algorithm on some given threads, players adding posts with easily interpretable keywords could help Larian see that most players dislike the current control scheme. But Maximuus has not only already directed you to the mega-thread, he has also produced manually this kind of analysis I was just thinking of. So 75% are clearly not happy, and if we assume that people who discussed issues and made suggestions would rather see changes, 97% of voices in that thread are not quite satisfied with the current controls.

Will that mean anything ? I can't exactly say that I very hopeful.

First, it's just the opinion of a vocal minority, and thus can easily be dismissed. (Of course, the opinion of a vocal, self-selected minority can be non-representative of the view of the majority ... just like it can. It's the way statistics work.)

Second, players have been complaining about this since week 1. It has now been 5 months of Early Access, and the party controls are still horrible. Granted, Patch 3 introduced a much need feature (companions now follow on jump). But when you're coming from astronomically far behind, and have a long list of problems, even completely solving one still leaves you astronomically far behind.

Larian's communication on this topic has been essentially non-existent. I'm really curious of what the feeling and state of mind is at Larian Studios. Maybe they really like their system the way it is. Maybe they know it's "a problem", but who cares ? Apparently DOS2 had the same control scheme, sold well, got good reviews. BG3 will probably sell even better. Even if the text of most reviews points to the same issue, in the end all that matter is the final score. If Steam/Metacritic say it's a critical success, and sales say it's a commercial success, then it's a success. Then controls are not a problem. And if there's no problem, there's no need for a solution. Anyway, pure speculation. I doubt we'll hear Larian communicate on this before release.

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Breaking each character off from the group is tedious, and switching between characters is clunky. I don't know if I'm imagining it, but I feel like I have to hold the left mouse button down for an extra split second in order to select a different character... So I'm constantly moving characters I didn't intend to move because, oops, the game didn't register my click on Shadowheart.

You are not imagining it. The issue of clicks not being always registered properly, or the sensitivity being too low, has been there since the start, and reported several times. I'm not going to start a search on this right now, but if it never had a dedicated thread, maybe I'll open one. Or someone will. Whatever.

Hoping we'll be able to create great assumptions-free Custom Characters and be given great roleplay options.