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My suggestion on it, would to allow players (restricted to the characters their control for multiplayers ofc), to be able to navigate through each character to enable/disable reactions duration the enemy phase. Also adding spells like Shield to reaction window, or even put allow reactions spells/skill there, instead of having them to cast ahead of time.

I don't really understand what you mean. Well... I understand, but I don't see how it would work in game.
When 10 goblins are playing, will you have to focus and have 2 sec to click at the right moment with the right character ?
What about spells you can cast on an ally ? (i.e feather fall)

Don't think it would work.

I really don't see any other solution that Solasta's one to create a proper reaction system... But I'm not sure it would suit BG3.
Maybe a popup for 5 seconds would be better and more dynamic ?

The actual system is completely uninterresting and something has to be done but anyone has suggestions in mind ?
We already talked about this before the EA but I have to admit that my memory is not the best^^

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