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201 different players answered this thread from P1 to P29 (included)
I think I didn't forget anyone and I think no one is listed twice.
I also include people that just discussed in the thread without giving a strong +1 or -1. Usually those also have issues with the system.


- 147 (73%) of them gave a feedback that you can't missunderstood : they don't like this system
- 6 (less than 3%) said that they're pretty ok to deal with the system but they have issues with it
- 1 (less than 1%) seems to like it.
- 47 (23%) disccussed issues related to this system or give related feedbacks, suggestions, specific issues etc... but didn't clearly wrote "I like it" or "I don't like it".


After re-reading ALL messages, looks like nearly 100% of players think that the system is far from being good.
Improvement are needed even if they won't solve every issues.

I guess that 100% of players would be fine with a classic control scheme but if Larian wants to keep this unpopular chain system, they should improve it.
A few suggestions from this thread :

- Add formations
- Add a group all / ungroup all button
- Fix the auto jump / auto follow
- Add a hide all button
- Add a "don't move" button
- Fix the pathfinding
- Fix the latency / missclick / missdrag while chaining / unchaining / clicking on portrait

This won't solve all issues - the biggest one is probably that you CAN'T select more than 1 character at the same time - but it would be good QoL improvement.
This system would still be bad both in solo and multiplayer, both on console and on pc - your characters would still move like chickens everywhere - select more than 1 / less than 4 companions would still gonna be tedious - you'll still have more click to do in comparison with a classic systems - but it would be "less bad".

Edit : the list has been updated in the previous message.
Edit 2 : I didn't saw any PROS for the chain from players who tried both systems in SP/MP or on Console/PC. That's why I assume in the conclusion that the chain is not better whatever the situation.

Absolutely +1.

Examples of the current system: in the tiefling camp if you unlock the door with the woman with the bad legs in stealth and try to read the book on the barrel by the door your companion will run in and the cutscene will trigger. Usually it's the one without speech proficiency too.

In the blighted village if you sneak in the side way and hide behind the wall to ambush the goblins, one party member will usually sneak out in the open. Usually the one with no proficiency in stealth.

Party members on a ledge sometimes don't jump down automatically, but when you change members to jump down the others will actually jump UP to join you! You end up having to manually unchain everyone or they all die of falling damage.