This goblin is stuck in the fireplace. He does not burn.
I am in combat and he takes forever to finish his turn, much much longer than any other enemy.

for context:
I have sneaked and put poison into their drink. I had them all drink and then convinced them that I did not poison them.
Then I killed the 3 leaders, which turned everyone in the area hostile.
Astarion shoots from the wall, then hides so enemies do nothing at all.
But this one takes forever to skip his turn.

There is another bug.
Almost all remaining NPC in the area join the fight, but one just stands there, does nothing and was not part of the fight. (his portrait was not shown in the turn order).
He stands in the yard and can see all others fight, so its not that he is too far away.
It is Bao-ek-nuk. I play in german, maybe he has another name in english.

Update: I killed the enemy who did not join the last fight with 3 shots of a crossbow from stealth in a row but this did not start combat.

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