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I still don't buy the table top analog from the PHB/DMG 3-5. This is computer game, the computer is handling most of the hassle that usually attends to playing a large group session. It doesn't need to just be a simulacrum of the standard campaign, it should be epic. Epic = 6

There is just nothing to buy here^^
If I'm not wrong 5e campaign are all designed for 4-6 players. (I'm sure about the starter kit which is the introduction to D&D5 and Descent into Avernus which is the "prologue" of BG3).

4-6 doesn't mean 4, it means 4-6. That's what BG3 should do if they want to stick to TT.
In video games systems exist to balance games arround different party size.

That's just another wrong argument to say "I'm right" and to justify self preferences (and enjoying 4 more than 5 or 6 is fine ofc).

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