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Solasta, by contrast, is starting from no particular expectation, and aiming to build an audience mainly from the TableTop D&D player base. So they implement the current rules quite closely, and ( I assume ) accept that the wider videogame audience will probably find the game rather slow and uninteresting.

You can do ( almost ) anything you want when developing a computer-base game; the problem is finding something you want to do that is also commercially viable.

I have to agree. Personally, nothing what I've seen from Solasta's ads and lets plays so far has interested me.

Even back then not everyone who played the original BG games was a D&D player. And this is much easier to track nowadays, when steam tracks not only sales, but the number of players and also how many people even complete the game.

Ultimately that is the target audience if you want to make big sales: those who buy computer games. Small developers focus on their specific fanbase, because that is likely a guaranteed sale for them. But big companies and corporations I'd expect to rely on numbers.