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So by that logic, containers should ALWAYS contain useful stuff or magic items?
I don't know what the ratio of containers with contents to empty ones is, but I'd ballpark less than 1 in 10. Now I wouldn't have a problem with that per-se, but it's a huge, unnecessary, unrewarding time sink right now.

I don't think the solution is to put stuff in every chest. I don't know if the container spam is because Larian want to do a repass later, or if they want things for people to throw in combat, or whatever. But I think they'd make a lot of friends by simply making ALT highlight only show containers and corpses with loot still on them (and RELIABLY so my compulsion to double check everything is somewhat mollified) and putting a lock of some form on any container with an uncommon or rarer item in, or behind some other ability check.

That way players can decide for themselves what level of give-a-damn they are comfortable with, without FOMO doubling their playtime...

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