Some more from me:

As per Madscientist I see the Mindflayer as well

PC died, transported to camp, now I have a permanent blood pool over my bed roll - not good for spending the night with Shadowheart (though Astarion may find it kinky)

Astarion getting stuck in places - I accept he doesn't like running water, but it is a pain to micromanage him to get him to keep up. Plus he tends to get stuck at the cargo net leading up from the Decrepit Village beach.

Other random characters will get stuck at jumps. Is it necessary to have so many jumps to continue locations? The bridge from Blighted Village, the way to the Tower from Decrepit Village, getting across the river from the dog to the toll house etc? It sometimes feels like an arcade game with the jumping. This is something that annoyed me greatly with Dragon Age Inquisition, having played Origins and missing 2 I thought it became too Arcady.

The Goblins at the fire pit roasting the Dwarf don't engage, they just stand around taking a minute to "move into range". Grikka will get stuck in the scenery most times.

Not a bug but something else - If I go hostile to the Goblins at Blighted Village, whether the Ambush or the guards round the Aunt Ethel side, I feel the entire enemy force should go hostile. As it is I can pick off each group individually with not much fear others will join in (the scavvers in the Apothecary might, but others don't). This extends to the Goblins at the Selune Temple. It is easy to pick off individual groups - start with the sleeping drunks, then the courtyard, then Crusher - and the wandering Bugbear will just watch you slaughter the Goblins unless you hit him or he wanders nearby. Same inside if you don't have Halsin with you.

Despite the fact that every post I've made on this forum has been a bug report or criticism - I'm 170 hours in (since mid February) and loving it. I'll get round to posting some positive feedback.