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Those hater that hate "gray boxes because looks like mobiles games" , "reaction box appears every god damn times" and "graphics look like shit" not gonna change their mind no matter how many proofs that Bg3 need more improvement.

Funny you mention that first part. I used to be in the 'UI graphics > functionality' camp, up until I realized I'd much rather have a less stylish UI if it meant that I wasn't going to be wasting a lot of time fighting the game's controls instead. And let's be honest with ourselves, probably a good 10% of our play time in BG3 is probably inflated by some UI-related shenanigans.

Jumping in BG3 should really be automatic outside of combat, for instance. But instead I have to press the jump button and spend half a minute fishing around for the correct angle for my character to actually make it across that gap. If party members can make it across automatically just by following you, I don't see why the first character can't automatically jump by just pressing a space on the other side to move towards as well.

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