On one hand: it's annoying to go through all the little container, and also annoying to feel like I missed something because I didn't do so. Good 'ol fomo.

On the other hands: there are various dynamics from realism, tabletop roleplaying, and (list of sources I can't be bothered to type) they are trying to have in the game; one of those dynamics is that groups that go looking for stuff to take/steal get things missed by groups that don't. That is to say, part of why there's a zillion random empty containers is for the explicit purpose of putting some things in some of them that some players won't find. Whether it's the players own mannerisms or those of the character being roleplayed, they want players who take extra time to search everything to find extra things normally missed. In DnD it would be a DM who only gives you the gold coins "hidden" on a bookshelf if you specifically say you search that shelf instead of just "I search the room."

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