I think Darkest Dungeon has a very good System.

1. Every profession has unique Camping Skills.

Some enhance the dmg for next fights. (sharpen weapons)
Another heals (clerics)
boost morale (jester aka bard)
reduce the chance for ramdom attack (dog master at watch)
etc. ...

2. Small Rest aka Camping is a commitment which cost resources.

You have 2 stacks firewood and rations which use inventory space.
People have hunger and need rations or the moral drops
you can eat rations for little hitpoints
you use rations for resting for the bigger effect

With such a system Darkest Dungeon has no need for dedicated healers.
Healers are strong in the camp when they can heal for big Chunks but not infight.

The whole system is very immersive and a constant consideration between possibilities.

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