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Well based on Steam sales info the BG3 EA has:

sold 10x the copies of Solasta

has double the average playtime by the players who have bought those copies

has a 32 times higher all time concurrent playerbase

has 35 times the peak players in the last 24hrs

So basically, when they said that, they were using the good old Obi Wan Kenobi "point of view" perspective of what constitutes a successful and profitable product for them as a production studio.

Damn, with this kinda logic, Cyberpunk 2077 was 2020's game of the year, wasn't it? It did sell like 3x the amount that BG3 EA did, right?

But yes, Larian is no longer some random indie developer. Everyone on both sides needs to recognize that Larian now has a certain audience like any other popular studio. That is to say, they are now basically an AAA studio that as a company (and its rather admittedly rabid fanbase at this point) clings onto its indie image in an effort to shake off all of the negative connotations that can come with that.

They do have an audience to maintain, for better or for worse. And quite frankly, BG3 is fascinating to me for a lot of reasons, but the one aspect that would be relevant to this particular topic is that the game would prove if Larian's success is deserved, or if they'll make the same mistakes that causes them to join the ranks of CDProjekt Red and Bioware in infamy, who used to be equally beloved by their fanbases behaving in much of the same ways before.

And speaking as someone that actually knew of a Larian before D:OS2, the answer is actually unclear to me at this moment.

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