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Why they said that their changes to D&D are needed for the video game environment when Solasta proves that this is not the case.
Well based on Steam sales info the BG3 EA has:

sold 10x the copies of Solasta

has double the average playtime by the players who have bought those copies

has a 32 times higher all time concurrent playerbase

has 35 times the peak players in the last 24hrs

So basically, when they said that, they were using the good old Obi Wan Kenobi "point of view" perspective of what constitutes a successful and profitable product for them as a production studio.
Most of these points are restating the same thing: that BG3 has sold more copies than Solasta. Which is not at all surprising, considering that BG3:
-is a game officially backed by WotC using the D&D 5e license
-is made by a studio with hundreds of employees whose most recent game was a huge hit (and who have had experience making 6? other games)
-has the name association with a very popular (the most popular?) crpg series of all time

Solasta, on the other hand, is the first game of a 14-person studio and does not have the D&D full license so can't use all of its rules or its setting.

A higher number of sales doesn't mean that Larian's gameplay decisions are better; BG3's higher name-brand recognition and advertising budget can probably explain most of the difference in sales, especially while both games are still in EA.
Average playtime is a better metric, but is not conclusive. I've played some amazing 2-hour games and some pretty mediocre 10+ hour games.
I'm not flat-out saying BG3 is a better game than Solasta based on these things alone; I'm saying that when you have a known formula, that you know works, and you have the costs of a AAA release to cover, you probably don't want to screw around breaking new territory. However I could also not that Steam's estimated average minutes of Solasta played over the last 3 weeks is... 0 minutes...

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Damn, with this kinda logic, Cyberpunk 2077 was 2020's game of the year, wasn't it?

I've seen very little complaining that Cyberpunk was not a good game; it's issues were with the botched release state of the game and their stock's value dip is clearly linked to the game's being pulled from several platforms.

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