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I'm not flat-out saying BG3 is a better game than Solasta based on these things alone; I'm saying that when you have a known formula, that you know works, and you have the costs of a AAA release to cover, you probably don't want to screw around breaking new territory. However I could also not that Steam's estimated average minutes of Solasta played over the last 3 weeks is... 0 minutes...
Larian is already breaking new territory though. As much as people like to say BG3 is basically DOS3, there are a fair amount of differences between the 2 games. Different # of action points, different abilities/spells, a whole D&D class system, no armor/magic armor, an entirely new setting, d20 checks and rolling d20s, freakin' cinematics.

Things like reactions, jump+disengage as a bonus action instead of an action or as separate abilities, eating food in combat, Advantage from height (instead of just increased range or only a +2): all these things are well within the scope of changes Larian has made already. Larian could have implemented these more true to D&D very easily without deviating from the known formula more then they already are.