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New to this forum. How do you get images to show up rather than links?
It is unreasonably difficult. If you copy the image address rather than the image itself, that sometimes works. Otherwise, the links to your images work so people can see what you link to.

@Sadurian and @BlkPhnx, here is what I do to have images showing up.

Step 1: screenshot and upload to https://imgur.com/upload

Step 2: grab the link generated by imgur and paste it in the editor "use full Editor" found a the bottom of the post when you edit and then click image:
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

For @Sadurian
Step 3: with the editor, once you press ok, you will have the link here, but you need to manually "edit" the link and add i. as well as adding .png like this:

Is there a way where the forum can do that for us instead ?

Or, is there a better than the way I am showing ?

Thanks !

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