You aren't *supposed* to be long resting after every fight.
More to the point, you aren't supposed to use everything you have in every fight.
A key element of DnD's design, which is of course what this game is advertised as emulating, is that you going into fights thinking that you don't want to use all your spell slots or whatever because you want to save them for the next fight you'll get in without them replenshing.
Resting doesn't ruin the flow of the game, it's meant to be a vital component of the flow of the game.
To remove that element, which to be clear is already the effect we have with the ability to long rest whenever we want, would completely destroy the class balance.
If they remove resting that will destroy so much what is being taken from DnD that they would have to change it so heavily that they could no longer advertise this as being a DnD based game. It couldn't even be said to be in a DnD universe.
Regardless of all that, Divinity's combat and "perfect" do not belong in the same sentence, unless placed around the phrase "is not"

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