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My fear with a pause is that it would be like... In Solasta. I love this game but those pause appear more than once on every turns. I can deal with it but I don't think lots of players would like this.

The reason you see many pop-up questions in Solasta is because it is *not* only for Reactions.
If you play a Paladin, every hit ask you if you wish to smite. It is too much.

Reaction options are more rare : Shield spell, Batte Master Riposte, and a few rare others. For many parties, there will be no Reaction options, so no pop-up: just a standard Attack of opportunity (once per round, so there is a choice there if many enemies are in reach).

Yeah true, the popups are for much more than just reactions, which I *LOVE* as it gives you more options, all the time! I love CONTROL. I would like to at least have the OPTIONS of that much control in BG3.