Just for fun, I tried to add :

<node id="SupportedRaces">
<node id="SupportedRaces">
<attribute id="Object" value="Human" type="22" />

Just after :

<region id="CharacterCreationClass">
<node id="root">

of a base class, of course it didnt work...

Okay, I still have 2 possibilities :
- Create my own Character Creation module (I think I saw something like that on the Larian's Wiki ; EDIT : https://docs.larian.game/Tutorial_-_Implementing_a_Basic_Quest#Character_Creation ).
- Create my own Shared.pak file...

I took a look to the load order ( https://docs.larian.game/Modding_internals ) and nothing about "reloading the previous file if... We want..."...

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