Woah woah woah, I never said that thing you're all quoting me on! That was @Maximuuus, who I was quoting.

I have 0 fear that a pause like this would be like in Solasta. I love Solasta and the pop ups and think that BG3 should be more like Solasta, at least in how reactions are implemented.

Originally Posted by Baraz
The reason you see many pop-up questions in Solasta is because it is *not* only for Reactions.
If you play a Paladin, every hit ask you if you wish to smite. It is too much.

Reaction options are more rare : Shield spell, Batte Master Riposte, and a few rare others. For many parties, there will be no Reaction options, so no pop-up: just a standard Attack of opportunity (once per round, so there is a choice there if many enemies are in reach).
Also the protection fighting style. My playthroughs have involved 2 fighters/paladins, which means I often get 2 "Do you wish to impose disadvantage?" prompts every turn. And even with that + Smite, I'd rather have the pop-ups than toggle reactions that proc on the first opportunity.