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No, I don't like the class, because it can by existing raise the level of magic in the world, outside of itself.

It's a world building issue, and as a player class I don't like the concept.

Potions? Fine. However while yes we can reskin them, I have massive issues with the Iron Man, Blaster, and Pet versions.

They will never exist within my setting, that's for sure.

Not really, at least if they still follow the rules like in 3.5 Magic crafting for a artificer still requires a XP cost but, at a reduced cost because of they are specialists in that field of study. Crafting should follow the same system the feat or ritual or whatever its called goes by. Crafting period always required a XP cost and you couldn't down grade your level, so there is a cap and a pretty big cost in making stuff.

anyway you do you

I'd have to look, but I'm almost positive 5e doesn't have those costs associated.

I couldn't find it in the freebe & don't have the books, generally any spellcaster should be able to do what artificers do but not as good. Originally 3.5 had the feat in phb, in 4e they put the crafting feature under "Rituals" in phb.

Oh and if your right and they did away with xp, material, and whatever cost for crafting, it would be really broken.

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