I've broken all Astarion's dialogue because of attack on the grove.

The dialogue about the "bloody showdown" with the druids apparently arose instead of some other dialogue, and each time a situation occurred and everyone reacted as expected (for example, Raphael's proposal), Astarion reacted only to the next rest in the camp. So on party, instead of offering me a night with him, he first tells me about the "dreams", then offers the night, and in the morning he continues to repeat "wait for the right time".

And I think one dialogue (or cuz I destroy grove in other way not with goblins) broke the whole game, because in battle with Minthara in camp I also can't kill her, because she's not aggressive for me, she's "stuck" in this time loop with Astarion, and thinks she's still at the party.

I also had a few client crashes, but I sent automatic error reports.

I don't speak english well, but I try my best. Ty