Sorry, but I see no reasons against adding artificers.

Yes, this is a magic world. But this does not mean that science does not exist.
Yes, a wizard can throw fireballs, but the average soldier cannot. So every army would be happy if they have someone who can build cannons.
I also see no fundamental difference between building a robot, creating a golem or summon an elemental.
Its just different ways to create a (more or less) loyal minion.

Unless you say that arcanum is the future of DnD ( magic causes science failure and vice versa) I see no reason to avoid a class that does a different form of magic.
I have no problems at all with alchemists in Kingmaker, even though their spells are technically potions.

If we put the "because its magic" argument to the extreme, someone could argue: Why does anybody use weapons when you can have magic?

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