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Agree with all of this. I can see maybe adding fatigue and food not healing as a menu option though, as some people (not me) seem to like the current unbalanced system a lot. I would still prefer a system with one long rest per day and 2? short rests (not sure what is usual for this) but resting would be a lot less confusing if they could add a day/night cycle. Characters should definitely be able to talk to us at any point rather than just at camp.

This ^^^ But Larian stated very early on, that they would not be doing a Day/ Night cycle. In my opinion it's the best solution though, so I hope they change their mind. I try to go 4 encounters between long rest. But then what is an encounter? I only eat food during long rests. If I don't have enough for everyone, then I don't rest. But that only works for a little while. Food becomes plentiful soon after you get to the grove.

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It's also stupid because you have a tadpole in your head and everyone is telling you that you can turn into a mind flayer if you take too long. So, when I first played through the game, I thought, "I'm not resting if at all
So much this. Let companions talk to us on the road, or implement short rests where your party sets up a little camp wherever you are right then, and you can talk to companions then.

I definitely believe companions should be able to talk to us, whenever and wherever.