Guess I'll copy my list to this forum as well smile

* Get a "mark several items" tickbox choice in inventory!! laugh I find now that this is my biggest issue by far, having to single-click every item when selling or sending to camp. All those rows of Goblin bows could be much more enjoyable if you could click them all and send/sell at the same time.

* Edge-panning and camera focus. I think I had this same issue with D:OS 2. I love edge-panning and feel it's the natural way to explore a game like this, but after every dialogue or interaction, the camera locks back on my character, and I can't use the mouse for edge-panning until I "unlock" the camera with WASD or similar. A bit annoying, but maybe there's a reason for this.

* Too many empty containers. I realize it may be "realistic" that many of the containers you search turn out to be empty, but it kinda lowers your spirit when 90% of the containers are empty. Maybe make less interactive containers instead? Or maybe I'm wrong.

* Having to click twice for casting spells with no target. It feels unnecessary and counterintuitive to have to target spells that can only target yourself. Is this something that was present in the D:OS games as well? Maybe there's a reason for it, but it annoys me (champagne problems).

* Party management in camp. Maybe this will be implemented in the full game, but it's a bit annoying to have to talk to every party member to dismiss and re-hire another one, maybe just add a panel where you can choose your party formation (maybe this even exists but isn't active in the EA). Also, maybe make it possible to send items to people who aren't in your party while at camp, you're pretty close to the other guys.

* Movement on ladders: It feels a bit ridiculous that it costs zero action points to climb up a 20 meter high ladder, while moving two steps to the side does? :p Maybe this is a compromise, so characters won't get stuck in ladders mid-combat. Although, that would be pretty cool, being able to shoot people off of ladders.

* The waiting times during combat (plotting next move) should preferrably be shortened. I don't know if this has to do with my processor or something, but sometimes the combats become almost unbearably slow.

* Backstab: The backstab feature in this game feels very boring and meaningless, maybe this is because of adopting to DnD rules, but I much preferred the D:OS way, where Wolgraff could sneak behind them in the backstab cone and do insane damage laugh All hail Wolgraff!!

* Pause between lines in NPC dialogue: When two NPC's have overhead dialogues, I feel that the pause between line and answer often is too long. I often wonder if the dialogue is over, or if they have a comeback line, and it doesn't feel natural.

* Hit percents: Sometimes I can get two different hit percents on the same target depending or where I put the pointer? And seemingly with no difference in movement or such. Bug?

* Vendor sorting: Could we have a specific screen for things we've sold, and one with the vendor's original items? I feel I get the same clotter as in D:OS where all my crappy items flood the vendor list, making it hard to see anything worth buying. Or at least make all items stackable? Like, twenty Goblin Scimitars in one slot.

* Camera in the Underdark: Seems a bit broken, although somewhat cool bugs smile Characters walking seemingly on air and my main char walking seemingly under the ground. The camera in the game is a pretty big problem overall, though I guess it's always hard to get good camera with this "fake 3D" and vertical zooming.

* Seasick while trading: Sometimes I get the character cinematics (heads moving) behind the vendor interface, and it makes me a bit nauseous/unfocused. I also had the pleasure of my beard blowing powerfullly in the wind while attending that smith vendor in the Grove laugh Kinda cool, but distracting and annoying for me.

* The good old Larian problem: The neverending repeated overhead voices xP It gets a little better with each game, but still there are some situations where my brain is melted by repeated lines :p Maybe turn down the occurence another 50%, or maybe just play them once smile Or at least with a looong time between.

All in all, a complete lovely game, of course, and keep the great work up! laugh /Gustav in Sweden

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