my questions:
- Why did you do all the rule changes to DnD 5E (merge jump and disengage, backstab advantage, hight advantage, missing fire arrows cause a burning surface and so on?)
I think they ruin the differences between classes and make the game more boring because they encourage players to repeat the same non DnD "tactics" over and over again.

- Will you make changes to the UI, especially adding a spell menu and making inventory management less annoying?
I did not really like it in DOS1+2, but now that we have many different classes and more spells then ever its worse than before.

- Why did you invent the chain system for party control in the first place?
From my point of view I see no reason to change the system used by BG1+2 and many other party based RPGs.

my comments:
- To be honest, BG2 did not really restrict resting and there were very few quests with a timer.

- About Solasta vs BG3
Larian has already made several large games with their own fan base and Baldurs Gate and Dungeons and Dragons are very famous and have their own fan base.
On the other hand Solasta is made by a small and new company.
Its no miracle that BG3 sold more units, but this is not an evidence that Solasta is a bad game or sticking close to DnD rules is a bad idea.

- I can understand that the DOS engine fits well to a DnD game.
Its a 3D party based and turn based RPG. Many game mechanics are different. But this is mostly numbers, like how this stat influences damage and hit chance and when you roll a saving throw against what. The game is made in a way that you can add new abilities and status effects and since Larians rules are more "crazy" (sorry, I lack a good word for this) it should be no problem to reproduce DnD rules with this engine.
Still, you should make some big changes to UI so it fits better to a different setting with different rules, such as having different classes and tons of spells that are sorted by spell levels.

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