Calm down there @Baldurs-Gate-Fan. Actually reading @Sharet's post makes it clear that they are against easy advantage.
Originally Posted by Sharet
I can understand giving "advantage" against flanked targets. ... it is not unbalanced in this game since the party is almost always outnumbered and it's not so easy to always flank a target with two characters. Giving advantage for backstabbing an enemy just with a character alone doesn't really make any sense.
Their arguments is that giving advantage against flanked targets, while powerful, would be fine because it is so unlikely to happen with only a 4-person party.

Good post @Sharet, you basically agree with most of the people ITT.
-Advantage for ~free is too powerful and makes many spells/abilities significantly less useful.
-Backstabbing is nonsensical as enemies would realistically just rotate to face you (unless they are flanked).
-It's reasonable for height to grant a bonus, but Advantage is too much. +1/+2 or a range increase would be fine.