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My question would be: do you plan to add some ruleset customization options (like the ones Solasta is adding next week in their new update) at some point up to full release, in order to make gameplay appealing to even more players, im interested in options especially:
- food healing on/off
- universal scroll using on/off
- changing some bonus actions to main actions (shove), bringing them closer to the 5e rules
- option for jump distance nerf, jump itself to separate from disengage and removing that its avoiding attackofopportunity
- highground to give a smaller flat bonus instead of advantage/disadvantage
- long rest restrictions on/off
- option for reactions to have pop-up option next to automatic on/off
- encumbrance effects on/off
- can loose concentration on/off
- being able to see enemy stats and vulnerabilties/resistances (without gaining knowledge about or encountering them at least once) on/off
- failed exploration checks to hide/show
- companion approvals hide/show
- option to take 10 for dialogue skill checks on/off
- option to take 10 for exploration skill checks on/off
- options to set the game to forced turn based if a character is downed or a trap is detected etc

It would be nice if difficulty options affecting how many enemies we encounter and how equipped/skilled they are (like the way DOS2 tactical mode changed it i think) we would be able to set up SEPARATELY from these.
Presets are essential so new players dont get overwhelmed with options but would be nice if it would be possible to separately tweak these and carefully tailor the experience for multiple playthroughs
So my question is basically whether they have plans to do smthg like the above

YESSSSS!!!! God, those options would be *AMAZING* to have!!!!! It would literally make the game one hundred times better! <3