Going to try to avoid the feedback topics.

Will a character modification mirror be in the game like dos2? Mostly for minor respect and visual modification. I dont like idea of relying on mods outside the game for everything.

Will their be a dye system?

Will barbarian beast totem get spells since rituals so far have been changed into spells?

Can Helia not be a short race? Real limited on the good girls and a tiny good girl bard feels like a slap in the face for the "nuance" approach talked about in official video's. How about a human girl? Half Orc girl? pure elf girl? Aasimar girl? Please just dont make a copy paste Linzie from pathfinder kingmaker. Think of the romance. I may vomit. Just commit to nuance. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Any news on reacts? Paladins depend on it. Also taking actions on enemy turns such as oath of vengeance relentless avenger.

Can you leave out the exhaustion mechanics so frenzy barbarians can fight freely?

Can you somehow convince wotc to let you add the following: divine soul sorcerer, SCAG spells especially for Eldritch knights, tasha's expansion in general, Goliath and Aasimar?

Are their any further plans for helping martial characters keep up with casters as the game progresses in terms of engagement? Extra abilites on weapons helps so I'm curious.

Will you test out the good companions with the same dedication as the neutral and evil companions? No guarantee that everything is perfect and they deserve a feedback phase as well.

Any plans for exploring companions outside of romance? To be honest I'm not a fan of locking story behind romance. Hell I'm not even sure I like romance much any more in this game. I have a traditional bias that is comparitively private. Less sex more story. I like things hinted at, private, and brief so I can keep the story going. To much dating sim bogs my experience down more than adds to it. If I have to full on date characters for story I may just give up on it all together. Sorry for the rant.

I have noticed that some events are in fact timed by resting. Can you add a tutorial message saying so? I'd rather know than not.

As a Paladin, will tenets affect story and what i can say?

Will class changing events be a possibility? Like as a paladins you pick a choice that is against the tenets of your subclass and you get a brief cutscene letting you know you have forcefully changed to an oath breaker. Or the obvious cleric and loyalty issues.

Druids get fancy titles and gear. Is it safe to assume every class gets exclusive content and titles to be fair?

I have also noticed potion of speed is quite popular. Any plans to change specific abilites and spells to bonus actions. I think some abilites on the weaker side could benefit. I personally don't care about chaining things to vanilla 5e since the expansion books are where the fun is and they are all modifications as well as additions.

I'm not expecting any answers, but I'm asking anyway.