Instead of a character saying, "I'm tired. Let's call it a day" whenever a character has a dialogue that can be triggered, can we have a character say, instead, something like, "Hey. Can we return to camp a sec? There's something I'd like to do there" or "Hey. I'd like a word with you in private. Can we return to camp?"

Then allow whatever dialogue that can be triggered to be triggered whenever I Fast Travel to camp, as opposed to End Day.

Example: Gale's Go to Hell dialogue is ready to be triggered. Gale isn't even in my party while I'm going through the Dank Crypt. The game has Astarion, who is in my party, say, "I'd better see a bedroll in my immediate future." Instead, why not have Astarion say, "Hey. Can we take a break and head to camp a sec. There's something I want to do." You Fast Travel to camp and Gale has an exclamation mark over his head. Though Astarion said he wanted to go to camp, it was only because Gale had something to say. Astarion could have wanted to go to camp for any personal reason he doesn't want to share. Whatever. That's not important. The main point is that the characters aren't always tired and needing to End Day just because they have something they want to say. Instead, they just want to head to camp for a bit for one reason or another.