It would be nice if having a particular companion didn't override or shorten the dialogues from the other companions in camp. Currently, if I want to hear the extended dialogues from the other companions during the "illness" scene then I need to either kill Lae'zel or not recruit her at all. Additionally, having Shadowheart around overrides potential dialogues from every other companion after the second (third?) Illithid dream.

While it's easy to simply avoid recruiting her, it's not so easy to reject her when she turns up at camp in a seemingly dire situation. To have to do this just to hear what the other companions have to say during these sequences is pretty unpleasant.

After the second dream, it would be nice to choose which companion we want to talk to even if we only get to talk to one due to the nature of the conversation rather than the presence of one companion overriding everyone else.

I love the game overall, but I do feel like how dialogues take priority does need some tweaking.

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