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She could be a sister of my new character - Lyra Belaqua, rogue (and yes, I named her after the character from 'His Dark Materials' - love the books)

Sisters caught up in Illithid shenanigans!

Her face looks adorable whether she's frowning, or angry, or being skeptical etc

But, her happy smile is a little weird, gotta warn ya ...

Here, she's clapping after the bard has given her performance.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

I hope the weird happy smile gets fixed. But otherwise, she looks adorable in every facial expression.

Yeah, I already figured her weird smile out. I don't think, that was intended, but otehrwise, she is just plain cute. You have the same group as me atm btw (Lae'zel, SH, Gale).

This is my favorite pic of her so far:

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

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