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Yeah, I already figured her weird smile out. I don't think, that was intended, but otehrwise, she is just plain cute. You have the same group as me atm btw (Lae'zel, SH, Gale).

This is my favorite pic of her so far:

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Yeah she has such an innocent-looking resting face.

I have Shadowheart in my group most of the time, even though it's not optimal to have both Druid and Cleric in such a small team size. But I like having her around.

But back to our characters, I think she looks sweet when seen slightly from the side too:

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I do like to have Shadowheart around too. She and Gale are mostly in my party and she is often my romance.

I really love this character - and I often overlooked that face in CC, but it animates so well (apart from the smiles)

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

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