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It probably shouldn't happen while you're in transit, but it could totally come up during a short rest.
I dont quite see how ...

Either you would need to return to camp for every short rest ... wich sounds both ridiculous and anoying.
Or you would risk stucking gale, or his mirror image in other obejcts ...
Also if you see it from purely RP perspective, it also does not make sence ... just imagine, you just finished fighting the goblins, decide to rest ... and sudently Gale instead of resting decide to spend his spellslot to summon his own mirror image so he can admire himself? laugh

You wouldn't need to return to camp, you could do it on the spot sitting on a log, around a table or in a room you just cleared from enemies (there are a lot of suitable places around) and you would get the chance to speak to companions. Of course it wouldn't work for the mirror image scene, because that scene only makes sense at the end of the day imho, but Wyll could comment on seeing Tav fight at the grove gate, SH's magic (or whatever that is) could act up or she could play with the githyanki artifact. There's nothing about these scenes that ties them to the end of the day, the first two could happen any time along the road, the third could require just a short rest imo.

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