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Were in the files can I find the screenshots? There is no folder named "screenshots" that I can find. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I've tried Print Screen and F12. Well Shift + F12, Airplane mode and F12 share a key.

If you're using steam go to the game's page in your library, there should be a 'screenshots' section to the right hand side of the screen, below the play button.

Click 'manage my screenshots' to show your media gallery, click 'show on disk' in the window it brings up to view the disk location.

For some reason I didn't have any screenshots there. I suspect that's because F12 and Airplane Mode share a key on my laptop. I was using the SHIFT+ AIRPLANE MODE/ F12, but that wasn't working. The page you directed me to allowed me to change my screenshot key. Works fine now, thank you. I'll post a few tomorrow.