First of all, while we have to appreciate what has been given us by Larian so far, I believe is also important to talk about mistakes, after all, we, players and Larian both want to play/create the best RPG game out there.

SO, the resting system. Its might actually be a tricky one, making it work properly. in my opinion, might actually need some map changes, in order to acomodate this essencialy D&D RULE.

The way that it is right now is just lazy. being able to constantly spamm it, and worse, HAVING to do it in the most non immsersive ways possible is not fun.

For example, if you want to kill the goblins, all of them, its extremely difficult to kill them all without long resting.

So, what you do, simply go to camp and get back to the dungeon, in an instant, you get out a dungeon full of globlins, just to sleep and get in without any alarm.

Or maybe before the hag fight, going to camp from the dungeon just to rest and get my spellslots felt like a non immsersive chore.

Some might say, ''git gut'' ''learn to 'use your spells slots in a more eficient way'', "resting is an option".

What I get from this is "dont use your fun spells, be in a fight for +5 minutes bcz of less spell damage means more attacks which means more miss (sacred flame im talking to you), which means more turns (without abusing spells) which means in such long fights.

The system, as it is, also leads to balancing issues in fights. If the game in a certain moment is trying to caught you by suprise in a boss fight, but you furtionately rested not long ago, but was, nonetheless, caught by suprise, how would that scale, will the npc be programmed to fight a half slotted party, and if it is, would it be too easy for a full slotted party? (which was also caught by surprise).

My sugestion: in ALL nonefriendly dungeons, the player cant go to camp. We should have a system that allow us to rest inside the dungeon once, using the tools provided, or using the surrounding, like beds. This would mean the dungeon itself could be designed for a full slotted party of a specific level. Considering the fact that they are going to rest only once.

We need pc to actually interact with the enviroenment, with skills checks to determine if they are going to find the right tools to set some improvise camp up.

Most of the party dialogue should be available in the dungeon, and there could be some unique dialogue depending on the place you are resting.

While resting, there will be a chance to be attacked by the nonefriendly npc that rules said dungeon, or any other form of interaction with the party might occur, like some unique quest you might stumble to while spending the night there. Rangers and such could be provided with scout mecanisms to forsee fights for example, and other unique supporting spells other classes could use, like light, darkvision and also traps.

I hope Larian goes the extra mile with this and make the resting system better. This will probably be the best game we get for 10y to come.

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