Nah it was pretty obvious that was sarcasm. +1 Seraphael

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BG3 Where a party of four fighters can all use one single magic rare +2 sword just by tossing it to each other at the end of each of their turns.... it's pretty ridiculous and in no-way indicative of actual D&D.

That said, I could imagine an amusing movie adaptation that makes that exact joke, of the party throwing weapons to each other at just the right moments, in the middle of tense combat...

It's the combat equivalent of the dinner cleaning scene in the Hobbit movie adaption

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during my turn i can swing my greatsword for my action.. then open inventory and equip 2 one handed weapons.. close inventory.. and off-hand attack with my bonus action. idk anything about DnD, but something tells me this shouldn't be allowed

You've missed the best part though. After you've done that you can equip a shield befire you end your turn for a +2 to AC during all your enemies' attacks.

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